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This cordless electric shear makes cutting easier, faster and produces a cleaner cut of single and low lays. A 2-5/16" 10-sided rotary blade and carbide stationary blade becomes a self-sharpening combination. The heart of this shear is its powerful 9.6 volt brushless motor, powered by a heavy duty NiCad Battery Pack. Battery pack rechargeable with 110 volt current only. Recharges in 1 hour and can cut approximately 800 feet of cloth or 300 feet of carpet on a single charge. For continuous operation, keep a second battery in the charger. The shear with battery attached weighs only 40 oz. and is 12-1/2" long.

Item Specifications
Style No
2-608-635-125, 32611, MB60-18, MB-60H-18
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0.01 lbs. (5.00 grams)