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Replacement Part

  • Manufacturers increase ticketing productivity up to 30%.
  • Consumers enjoy ready-to-wear garments.
  • Apparel merchandisers improve product presentation at point-of-sale.
  • Easy choice - Easy to apply - Easy to remove.
  • Everybody wins - every step of the way.
The Dennison ST9000 Plastic Staple Attacher reliably feeds fasteners through dual needles from a continuous reel. The ST9000 is ergonomically designed specifically for fastening items with a safe, secure plastic fastener.

The flexible polymer design of the Plastic Staple Fastener insures that the ticket is held securely to the garment, but when taken home both can easily be removed without damaging the garment.

Plastic Staple Fasteners give garments a neat, quality look with no loose threads, bent metal staples or sharp pins to detract from the presentation of the garment.

The Plastic Staple Fastener is the only fastener designed specifically for apparel manufacturers. Other fastening systems use machines unsuited for high volume apparel ticketing, such as bar tackers, metal staplers, or pinning machines. The result is low productivity, and machine downtime.

The state-of-the-art ST9000 Plastic Staple Attacher is fast, reliable, and ergonomically-correct for apparel ticketing operations, and with the new Ultra Fine Needles, the Plastic Staple Fastener may be applied to even the most delicate microfiber fabrics.

Item Specifications
Style No
11009, D11009
Avery Dennison®
No. 1600 Avery Dennison ST9000TM Plastic Staple® Attacher
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0.04 lbs. (18.00 grams)