Our Guarantee


Every article that is purchased from us is guaranteed by the manufacturer, as well as by Universal, to perform as represented in our catalog.

Universal guarantees the products sold for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of invoice unless otherwise noted. This guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the equipment, supplies or parts, free of charge, at our factory, which Universal determines to be defective.

All equipment, supplies or parts which are claimed to be defective must be sent to Universal, freight prepaid. Contact your Universal Sales Representative prior to returning merchandise which you claim to be defective. Your sales representative will assist you in returning such merchandise.

Universal will not assume liability for damage(s) resulting from the abuse, misuse, improper installation or maintenance, storage, handling or use of the product in excess of its reasonable or prescribed limitation.

Universal hereby disclaims any warranties, express or implied, of merchantability of the goods sold hereunder.

Universal expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for the particular purposes for which such goods are or may be used by the purchaser.

In no event shall Universal be liable for any special, consequential or exemplary damages.

In the event a manufacturer's warranty exceeds ninety (90) days then such warranty shall be applicable.