Eastman Blue Streak II Model 629 Dual-Speed Cutting Machine, 110-Volt

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Backed by over 100 years of experience, engineering and development, the Eastman family of cutting machines is the standard against which all others are measured in cutting rooms around the world. The Eastman name stands for quality, dependability and service.

At the heart of the Eastman line are the reliable and versatile classic Blue Streak II® 629 and Brute® 627 straight knives. Whether denim or delicates, sailcloth or synthetics, there is an Eastman straight knife perfectly suited for virtually every cutting requirement. And, for those unique applications which defy normal solutions, Eastman has the capability and know-how to make whatever custom modification may be required.

As are all Eastman machines, the straight knives come equipped with the patented Uni-Safe®** Terminal Block and Attachment Plug, which allows one hand connect/disconnect. The Uni-Safe is designed to meet all existing international safety codes.

Eastman straight knives are available with both standard and heavy-duty motors, a choice of four blade strokes and even a dual speed option so that each machine specification can be matched to your needs.

In general, short strokes are more suited to synthetics and the longer stroke options are best for heavy and natural fabrics. If fusing is a problem, either a short stroke or the optional dual speed motor may be the solution. The dual speed motor allows an operator to cut long straight areas and gentle curves in high speed, switch to low speed for cutting tight turns, where a fast knife speed may generated too much heat and damage the fabric, then switch back to high speed - all in one motion without ever stopping the machine.

Because of their low profile baseplate, narrow silhouette standard and superb balance, Eastman straight knives are especially suited to spreads that require tight turns and high accuracy with minimal distortion from bottom to top ply, at cutting heights of up to 11-1/2".

All Eastman straight knives are equipped with the patented Knife Saver® one-touch automatic sharpener. By selecting one of four sharpening belt grits, an operator can hone the knife blade to any edge for the perfect fit between machine and material.

Durability and dependability are designed into every Eastman straight knife. Each motor is built to Eastman's precise specifications and each Eastman machine endures rigorous testing and inspection before it receives the Eastman nameplate. Eastman's cross heads, crank and knife standards are machined to a tolerance of within .0005" to ensure perfect fit and smooth running. Once in operation, Eastman's patented One Shot* single reservoir oiling system requires the operator to lubricate the cutter only once during each shift. The automatic metering system ensures the proper flow of lubricant to the knife mechanism for optimal protection of all reciprocating parts.