Martelli Rotary Cutter Blades - 60mm, 10 Blades

Size: 60mm
Qty: 10

Fashioned from the industry's highest-quality metal alloy, our blades are constructed with tungsten steel and undergo a unique dual-sided sharpening process, resulting in a precise and uniform point. This combination of exceptional material and advanced sharpening contributes to an extended blade life, setting our cutting tools apart in terms of durability.

Thanks to our innovative sharpening system, our blades are meticulously crafted for enduring performance, boasting a lifespan approximately 3-5 times longer than ordinary counterparts, ensuring unparalleled longevity. To enhance your blade's lifespan and cutting efficiency, pair it with our ergonomic rotary cutter and one of our commercial-grade mats. When the time comes to replace a blade, avoid simply discarding it in the trash; instead, opt for a safer and eco-friendly disposal method.