Cloth Notchers

The Eastman Hot Notcher is a multipurpose tool for cutting and sewing rooms for marking and temporary fusing of loosely woven fabrics prior to movement. When spreading synthetics or loosely woven knits, it is a common problem for the spread to shift, resulting in distortion of the lay. By using the Hot Notcher HVN to notch intermittently along the edge of the lay, the spread is held securely and can be shifted to the cutting area without worry. It may also be used to sear a deep notch into a spread which covers the full area of the table. This deep notch allows the cutter to place the machine's base under the spread. Eastman's Hot Notcher is the ideal tool for the job because its capacity for depth adjustment and its variable heat control (400°F to 1250°F / 204°C to 677°C) present safe notching of any material up to 10" (25.4cm) deep. 110 Volt, 1 Phase.
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