Degreaser Sprays

Wico Cleaner-Degreaser is a non-corrosive, fast acting, low toxicity aerosol spray. Quickly cleans and degreases stones, electric motors, sewing machine parts, etc. Cuts grease, oil, buffing compounds, solder fluxes, tars, waxes and lubricating compounds. Will also remove adhesives. This special cleaner has high penetrating power which loosens and dislodges oil, dirt and steel particles. When sharpening stones become coated with oil and dirt, they must be cleaned to be able to sharpen the cutting blade effectively. It is not necessary to remove the stones to clean them. Merely aim the nozzle at the stones and press the button. Will dissolve or loosen the dirt. Run the sharpener up and down a couple of times until the stones are dry. Thousands of uses.
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