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Online Catalog Section Listing Cutting Room and Supplies Shade Marking Guns Metal Meto Shade Marking Gun 7698
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No. 7698:   Shade Marking Gun
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Marking tool designed to increase your productivity...

Metal Meto Shade Marking Gun
Print style, lot, size, and ply information...
quickly & econimically

Maximize your efficiency with the Esselte Meto Shade Marking System. Widely used by garment manufacturers to affix ply numbers and other important information to fabric, this system eliminates the need for moving material to a central location. Instead, the labeler is brought to the material, for a time and cost-efficient system. Designed for minimum breakdown, quick dispensing and effortless loading, this hand-held labeler leaves the operator's work uninterrupted.

This high quality shade marking system offers:
  • Uniform pressure to ensure consistent print quality
  • Custom size and alpha wheels
  • Solid durability for years of continuous use
  • Precision print heads designed for readable print and trouble free operation
  • Easy-to-change ink roller, providing quality print for thousands of labels
  • Variety of adhesives for most fabrics
  • Clean and easy label removal
  • Ink roller design to prevent staining

Sequential Numbering Tool

Advances ply number after each imprint. (Click image for full view)

Sequential Repeating Tool

Prints ply number twice before advancing to the next number.

Item Information
USS Part No.: 7698
Unit of Sale: EA
Style #: PA1 2208/1
Item Availability
Quantity On Hand: IN STOCK for immediate delivery
Shipping Notes:  
Item Specifications
Note: Labels not included
Label Series: 2200
Label Size: 22mm x 12mm
Unit Weight * :1.717 lbs. (779 grams)
* Unit weight is for product only, and does not include packaging.
Standard Unit Price (EA) : 265.00
Quantity Orders can save you even more!
QuantityDiscountNet Price
1  265.00
Buy Quantity : 

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