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Online Catalog Section Listing Lights Motors Stands and Tables Lights Alex Dichroic Needle Lights 16679
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No. 16679:   Dichronic 12V table mount (110V)
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Dedicated Transformer To Ensure Safe Lighting, Even When Machine Motor Is Switched Off.

Alex Dichroic Needle Lights
ERGONOMIC - Alex Needle Lights can help achieve the best quality and productivity from your most valuable assets, your people and your equipment.

SEE YOUR WAY CLEAR OF PROBLEMS - Even if your operators can see well in their present lighting, your workplace can be more productive, less dangerous and less likely to suffer from quality problems with Alex Needle Lights!

PROFIT THROUGH PERFORMANCE - Even modest lighting improvements have been shown to lead to significant gains in productivity for close work like needle threading. Improved visibility and color rendering help avoid errors, reworking and straining to see work. It makes good financial sense to improve your operators' vision with improved lighting.

Alex Brand
Alex Brand
Item Information
USS Part No.: 16679
Unit of Sale: EA
Style #: AL64470
Brand: This is a Brand Name Item Alex
Item Availability
Quantity On Hand: IN STOCK for immediate delivery
Shipping Notes:  
Item Specifications
Note: Complete w/Bulb and Transformer
Unit Weight * :4.441 lbs. (2014.5 grams)
Literature: 16679 Literature
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* Unit weight is for product only, and does not include packaging.
Standard Unit Price (EA) : 179.89
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QuantityDiscountNet Price
1  179.89
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