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Online Catalog Section Listing Safety Gloves & Wrist Bands Hand-Mates Support Gloves 17773
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No. 17772
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No. 2005
No. 17773:   Hand-mates (x-large)
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Should be used any time repetitive hand motion causes fatigue to hands or wrists.

Sold In Pairs Only.

Hand-Mates Support Gloves
Hand-Mates provide massage, heat, support, and relief from nagging aches and pain. The gentle "give and take" of the fabric keeps muscles free from fatigue and promotes better circulation. Naturally generated body warmth is retained within the tightly knit fabric. This relaxes muscles and stimulates circulation. Hand-Mates comfortably reinforce the palm and wrist, leaving fingers free to handle work. When wearing Hand-Mates hands will feel more comfortable and relaxed than ever before. Their many uses include sewing, quilting, data entry, assembly work and much more. Can be worn under protective gloves.

Item Information
USS Part No.: 17773
Unit of Sale: PR
Style #: HM-504-XL
HM504, HA-5
Brand: This is a Brand Name Item Hand-Mates
Item Availability
Quantity On Hand: IN STOCK for immediate delivery
Shipping Notes:  
Item Specifications
Unit Weight * :0.075 lbs. (34 grams)
* Unit weight is for product only, and does not include packaging.
Standard Unit Price (PR) : 8.97
Quantity Orders can save you even more!
QuantityDiscountNet Price
1  8.97
Buy Quantity : 

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Previous Item:
No. 17772
Next Item:
No. 2005
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