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No. 7163:   Power supply (4 Outlet)
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What can LASERLYTE do to improve the quality of your product . . . .

Power Supplies
Improve Your Operators' Skill Level . . .
With combinations of screen printing and embroidery, heat transfers or embossing, finish your T-Shirt the same way everytime. Then fold it accurately, into a perfectly packaged presentation.

Control, Convenience and Confidence...
Now its easy to choose the best laser for your needs. Remember, there is no need to compromise between the length of the laser line you require, and the most convenient mounting position. The variable line length feature is sure to meet the most demanding applications. Mount the laser and then adjust the power and length of line to suit your needs.

Get It Right The First Time, And Improve Your Productivity And Quality . . .
Avoid inaccurately lined-up stitching and put the 'U' tack on top of the waistband stitching. Spot exactly where your snaps and rivets should be, before it's too late. Set your pocket one of two ways, using the laser to position the panel or by providing a visual outline. Decorate your designs with accurate topstitching. Put finishing touches in the right place every time.

Ensure Your Operators' Accuracy . . .
  • Button placement problems solved . . . even on button-down collars.
  • Ensure the button holes are aligned, and in place.
  • The pocket and flap set . . . in line and in place.
  • Labels or motifs on the spot every time.

Laser Modules
The laser modules have a plug on the back. A cable of 5 feet (1.5m) is supplied with each module. Extension leads are also available. Each module has focus and line length adjustment features. The modules are radio and high frequency protected.

Unique Features

Variable Line Length: The only laser able to concentrate the power, or spread it out into lines of the precise length required
Focus Control: The only laser able to be focused to offer the sharpest, clearest projection at any distance
Rotating Crossed Lines: The only laser where the angle of intersection of the lines at the axis can be rotated
Variable Intensity: The only laser where the intensity/brightness of the dot and small cross projections can be varied.
This is the only system where all the above features can be accessed by finger adjustable controls mounted on the module. The line lengths increase with the distance the laser is from the surface on which it is projecting.

Technical Specifications
  • The required power supplies are universal and switch be tween 110V and 220V automatically and the output is regulated at 3.5V DC.
  • Current drain is less than 100mA for all diodes.
  • Shorter wavelength diodes are brighter than longer wavelength diodes.
  • All Laser Modules are in compliance with FDA Class 3A specifications.
  • The Standard Laser Modules have a wavelength of 650nm, 1-5mW.
  • The Bright Laser Modules have a wavelength of 635nm, 5mW.
  • The Super Bright Laser Module has a wavelength of 635nm, 10mW.

Item Information
USS Part No.: 7163
Unit of Sale: EA
Description: POWER SUPPLY (4 OUTLET)
Style #: PS-4
Brand: This is a Brand Name Item LaserLyte™
Item Availability
Quantity On Hand: IN STOCK for immediate delivery
Shipping Notes:  
Item Specifications
Note: These power supplies are capable of using either 110V or 220V supply. They are automatically switching.
Note: These power supplies work only with the New Generation of LaserLyte modules.
Unit Weight * :0.78 lbs. (354 grams)
* Unit weight is for product only, and does not include packaging.
Standard Unit Price (EA) : 99.00
Quantity Orders can save you even more!
QuantityDiscountNet Price
1  99.00
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