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Online Catalog Section Listing Electrical Fuses Buss Dual Element Fusetrons
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Linemaster Electric Treadlite Foot Switch
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Miniature Fuses
Buss Dual Element Fusetrons

Type FRN-R Fusetron 250 Volts or Less

The Fusetron Fuse has a fuse link element, which handles only heavy overloads; and a thermal cut-out element, which handles light overloads. Any excessive current causes the thermal cut-out to heat. The metal around the thermal cut-out, however, absorbs much of this heat and slows down the speed with which the solder in the cup-out can soften. Even on relatively heavy overloads it takes time for the solder to soften enough for the thermal cut-out to open. This results in the Fusetron Fuse having great time-lag. Therefore, a Fusetron Fuse, small enough to protect a motor, can be used because the heavy starting current or an overload will not open the thermal cut-out unless it continues long enough to endanger the motor. The fuse link has a capacity high enough to prevent its opening on ordinary overloads. For motor protection use the size of about 100 to 125% of motor running current. On normal installations they will guard motor against burnout from overloads or single phasing.

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USS Part # Style #DescriptionIs this a Universal Stock Product?Unit / Quantity Pricing and Ordering
No. 6513
6513 FRN-R-3-2/10 FUSTRON

Item: Buss dual element fusetron. Amps: 3-2/10.
This is a Brand Name Item Buss Brand

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50 +   9.91
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Linemaster Electric Treadlite Foot Switch
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Miniature Fuses
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