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TBV-100LT, TBV-110LT, TDV-105
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Lite-Touch treadle rod air switches patented design allows 72% less toe pressure on treadle to activate air switch, even at low speed on electronic motors. Use with standard clutch type motors or any electronic motor with or without a 24 volt DC motor run signal. Lite-Touch Series eliminates the need to adjust clutch and brake on clutch type motors as required with conventional treadle rod air switches. Smooth action of the Lite-Touch Series treadle rod air switch means less wear on treadle rods, rod ends, valve and housing.
The 3-Position Toe & Heel action treadle rod air switch has the added action of heel activation to operate single-acting pneumatic cylinders on the same machine. This is ideal for applications where air is required while sewing and heeling. While in the relaxed position, the air is off.
Lite-Touch treadle rod air switches are all metal construction and include 10 ft. of air supply tubing, 20 ft. tubing included with the Toe & Heel action treadle rod air switch.