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Quality, Reliable Power Supply to Moving and Stationary Equipment

Four-Bar systems are specially designed with no joints in the solid copper conductors, and feature multi-con­ductor modular housing. Joint-free copper conductors are cut to length for each job requirement and shipped in a coil in one piece for track runs up to 600' long.

Trolleybar's joint free design provides "Clean Power"; hot spots and arcing are virtually eliminated. Today's automatic spreading machines incorporate sensitive micro processors. This "Clean Power" is es­sential for trouble free operation.

Four-Bar systems have a wide variety of useful ap­plications including electrification for sewing machines, cutting knives, spreading machines, conveyer systems, automated moving equipment, material handling equip­ment, etc.

Installation is fast and easy. The insulated housings come in standard 20 foot lengths (or 6 meters), and interlock. Then the conductors slide easily into the housing slots from one end. One person can push in shorter runs. With its strong, lightweight PVC housing, U-S Safety Trolley can be installed over the table or directly to the table legs.

Joint Free Design

The feature of continuous, joint free, electrical conductors for the entire length of the run elimi­nates the weakest part of any electrical systems - the joints. One-piece copper conductors are cut to each job requirement ant­ shipped in a coil.


Four-Bar is the solution for these problems:

  • Downtime due to arcing.
  • Loose joints
  • Expansion
  • Misalignment
  • Trolley Interference

Solid Copper Bars

Used for electrical efficiency, quality and reli­ability.


A single housing for up to 5 conductors keeps space requirements to a minimum. Multiple runs can be stacked side by side.

Variety of Trolley/Taps

Taps can be either stationary or mobile: Power is tapped from the busway with easy to install and remove POWER PICKUPS and POWER JACKS. POWER JACKS are stationary on the busway, while the POWER PICKUPS can be pulled along the busway via a chain to provide power to moving equipment. POWER PICK­UPS can be used for operation speed up to 85 yards per minutes. They come in various rat­ings from 15 to 50 amps. The POWER PICKUPS have an integral junction box with receptacle and fuse options. Supplying power to a machine is easy ... connect the power­cord to the power tap of your choice and to your machine ... snap the tap on the busway. Push the start button and you are in operation. Typical places where busway can be useful:

  • Sewing Machines
  • Cutting Tables
  • Spreading Machines
  • Assembly Lines
  • Maintenance Areas

Fast and Easy to Install

Four-Bar systems have fewer parts. This means the system installs fast and easy, thus minimizing installation cost. Installation is ac­complished with pocket tools.

  • Step 1 : Mount the housings for the full length required
  • Step 2 : Push-pull each precut length of con­ductor through empty slot in housing
  • Step 3 : Connect feed wires


The housing of Four-Bar systems are made of an insulated, high impact PVC compound, pro­viding safety as well as rugged durability of the system.

UL Listed and CSA Recognized

UL and CSA Ampere Ratings are: 80 Continous / 120 Intermittent

Fast Shipments

Complete systems can be shipped out quickly from Universal's stock, to meet your delivery requirements. Custom-made systems to your drawings can also be shipped with short lead times.




Trolleybar 10' Four-Bar Insulated Housing

Item Number: TBS4010

10 foot 100 amp four-bar housing only. Complete with one SP-1 splice plate and insulator sleeves.

Qty Available: 342
Trolleybar 20' Four-Bar Insulated Housing

Item Number: TBS4020

20 foot 100 amp four-bar housing only. Complete with one SP-1 splice plate and insulator sleeves.

Qty Available: 45
Trolleybar 100 Amp Copper Conductor

Item Number: TBS100

100-amp copper conductor for Trolleybar systems. Sold by the foot.

Qty Available: 13876
Trolleybar 100 Amp Copper Grounding Conductor

Item Number: TBSCG

100-amp copper grounding conductor for Trolleybar systems. Sold by the foot.

Qty Available: 13617
Trolleybar 100 Amp Conductor Straightening Tool

Item Number: TBS100ST

Conductor straightening tool, 100-amp. Straightens copper conductors for easy installation.

Qty Available: 36
Trolleybar 2" Fixed Hanger with 5/16" Threaded Stud

Item Number: 13394

Fixed hanger, 2" length with 5/16" threaded stud.

Qty Available: 1224
Trolleybar Rod Mount Hanger

Item Number: TBSRMH

Rod mount hanger for Trolleybar systems, with 3/8" threads.

Qty Available: 66
Trolleybar Threaded Bracket for Table Leg Mount

Item Number: TBSTB

Threaded bracket for Trolleybar table leg mounting, 3/8 inch threads.

Qty Available: 39
Trolleybar Plastic Housing Isulator Sleeve

Item Number: TBSIS

Plastic housing isulator sleeve for Trolleybar systems.

Qty Available: 5108
Trolleybar Splice Plate

Item Number: TBSSP

Splice plate for Trolleybar systems.

Qty Available: 3061
Trolleybar 4-Bar Center Feed Junction Box

Item Number: TBSCF

4-bar center-feed junction box for Trolleybar systems.

Qty Available: 5
Trolleybar 4-Bar End Feed Junction Box

Item Number: TBSEF

4-bar end-feed junction box for Trolleybar systems.

Qty Available: 31
Trolleybar 4-Bar End Piece

Item Number: TBSEP

4-conductor end piece for Trolleybar systems. Installed at the end of every conductor run to insulate conductor.

Qty Available: 143
Trolleybar 4-Bar End Cap

Item Number: TBSEC

4-conductor end cap for Trolleybar systems. Used at end of conductor run with end piece.

Qty Available: 3053
Trolleybar Moveable Power Pickup Trolley, 15 Amp, 4 Pole

Item Number: TBS415T

Power Pickup mounts on standard Tri-Bar/Four-Bar, chain-pullable, with single 15A shoe for lateral/horizontal setups. UL/CSA certified, durable copper graphite shoes, 600V AC/DC rated. Integral junction box for connections, fuse/receptacle options available.

Qty Available: 31
Trolleybar Moveable Power Pickup Trolley, 30 Amp, 4 Pole

Item Number: TBS430T

The Power Pickup fits Tri-Bar/Four-Bar housings, chain-pullable, with 30A double shoe option. UL/CSA certified, durable copper graphite shoes, 600V AC/DC. Integral junction box, fuse/receptacle options. 4 poles.

Qty Available: 15
Trolleybar Copper-Graphite Contact Assembly

Item Number: TBSRC

Copper infused graphite replacement contact assembly for Trolleybar systems.

Out of Stock
Trolleybar Stationary Plug-In Jack with Junction Box, 15 Amp, 4 Pole

Item Number: TBS415P

Power Jacks directly supported from Busway. Easily installed/removable by squeezing insulated handles, gripping housing anywhere. 15A, 300V, polarized to prevent backwards installation. UL listed, CSA certified w/ type CAB junction box. Fuse/receptacle options available.

Qty Available: 385