Our Story

Universal Sewing Supply is a renowned global industrial supply company that has left an indelible mark on the sewing and textile industries since its establishment in 1956. Centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri, Universal Sewing Supply has a rich history that's rooted in innovation and exceptional customer service. From our modest beginnings as a small local supplier, we steadily expanded our operations and product range to become a trusted name in the global sewing community. Over the years, Universal Sewing Supply has consistently adapted to the evolving needs of our customers, providing a comprehensive selection of high-quality sewing machines, parts, and accessories. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have propelled us to the forefront of the industry, establishing our hard-earned reputation as a leading provider of industrial sewing solutions worldwide. Universal Sewing Supply continues to build upon our legacy, by combining traditional values with cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-growing demands of the modern textile landscape.

Our History

August 1956:

Don Samuels purchased one-half interest in Weiss Sewing Machine Company. The company name was then changed to Weiss-Samuels Inc., and Don assumed the responsibilities of President. The focus of Weiss-Samuels was to target the needle trade in the state of Missouri.

December 1966:

Philip Samuels, Don's oldest son, became Secretary/Treasurer of Weiss-Samuels Inc., a four person office.

November 1972:

The company moved to its current location at 1011 East Park Industrial Drive, where the offices and main warehouse are located today.

November 1973:

The company moved into the future with the purchase of a main frame computer to electronically track the products moving in and out of inventory.

May 1974:

An ambitious growth program was set in motion to hire a national sales force and telemarketing sales team.

September 1977:

The main frame is completely replaced with an advanced computer that became the first tracking and paperless system of its kind in the industry. A complete programming staff was hired to write and maintain software that simply did not exist for a computer system that was still considered experimental.

June 1979:

For his exceptional contribution to the growth of the company, Philip Samuels was named President.

January 1980:

Universal opened a stocking warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina to enhance our ability to deliver products.

May 1980:

The purchase of Amattco Automated Products, the leader in waste removal systems, added yet another quality product available from the company. Facilities were also opened in Birmningham, Alabama at about that time.

October 1981:

The company name is changed to Universal Sewing Supply, Inc.

August 1982:

Completely replaced the main frame computer again.


As the years pass and with business growing at an ever increasing rate, Universal Sewing Supply became the number one supplier of industrial sewing related products supplies and parts in the United States. Universal's quality team of professionals continues to grow.


Universal releases its 1991 catalog with thousands of new products and updated information.

November 1991-1993:

Universal Sewing Supply entered an agreement that facilitates sales in the Dominican Republic.

January 1992:

Established a branch sales operation in San Jose, Costa Rica to better serve our Central and Latin American partners in the sewn products industry.

November 1992:

Established a showroom and seminar center in El Paso, Texas to service the Northern Mexico trade and the immediate area.

March 1993:

In its focus to provide State of the Art service, Universal once again replaced the entire main frame computer with the newest technology available.

October 1993:

Universal contracted with Universal Sewing S.A. in the British Virgin Islands to handle sales in South and Central America and Caribbean Basin.

December 1994:

Research began with the examination of methods and technologies to increase operations worldwide.

February 1996:

Universal released its comprehensive 2400 page catalog which was immediately recognized as an invaluable resource for the industry.

March 1996:

Universal continues to search for better ways to offer quality products, excellent service and faster delivery to our customers worldwide. Our super speed scientific 64 bit number crunching processor is continuously updated to handle our daily requirements.

February 1997:

Universal establishes a wholly owned subsidiary, Universal Sewing de Mexico S.R.L. de C.V., whose main office and warehouse are located in Aguascalientes to better serve our customers in Mexico.

January 2001:

Universal continues its Master catalog with an updated version of 750 full color pages serving the Sewn Products Industry with a diverse line of products used throughout the production and distribution process.

February 2004:

Universal purchases FeedRail.

January 2005:

Universal purchases Jacobson Products.

July 2016:

In 2016, Universal Sewing Supply created an Online Marketplace Department that offers a diverse range of new and exciting products designed for the home user, and for sale exclusively on Amazon.com. By expanding our business to the domestic consumer on Amazon, we're working to provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience, where customers can explore a world of both domestic and industrial products, all from a single trusted source: Universal Sewing Supply.

2017 to Present:

Since starting our Online Marketplace Department in 2016, we have continued to launch new and exciting domestic products for sale exclusively on Amazon. These brands include:

  • Hercules
  • Sew Mighty
  • Ultima
  • Dr. Snipper
  • Emma Oliver
  • The Light
  • And more!


Recognizing the rapidly evolving needs of the industry and the increasing demand for efficiency and innovation, we have once again prioritized the integration of the most modern and cutting-edge technology into our operations. This strategic decision aims to streamline processes, improve communication, and optimize supply chain management, ultimately enabling us to provide an even higher level of service to our global clientele. By embracing the latest advancements, Universal Sewing Supply is again poised to revolutionize the industrial supply landscape, delivering an unparalleled customer experience and once again positioning itself as a leader in the sewn products industry.