Terms & Conditions


Universal Sewing Supply is known throughout the apparel industry for the exceptionally fast delivery of customers' orders. In-stock items will be shipped the same day if your order is accepted before 4:00 p.m. (CST). For offshore delivery, orders will be shipped the same day if accepted before 2:30 p.m. (CST). Some carriers require a two hour lead time. Please talk to your Universal representative about specifics. In the event special crating or packaging is required, this schedule may possibly be altered. All credit matters must be cleared before shipment. Universal's own studies over the last twelve (12) months indicate that over ninety-nine percent (99%) of stocked items are available for immediate shipment on any given day.



Orders may be placed online or by email, telephone, fax, mail or directly with a Universal Sales Representative. Orders are processed within minutes of acceptance, so if you wish to send confirmation of your order by email, please clearly mark it as a "confirmation" so as to avoid a duplicate shipment. To expedite order processing, please indicate Universal's part number, a specific description of the items you require as well as quantities. Having your account number available will speed the processing of your order.



All orders are subject to credit approval by Universal's Credit Department. All accounts on this site require a valid credit card. Standard credit terms are net thirty (30) days. Cash discounts may be modified by Universal at any time and without notice. Special or conditional contracts must be accepted in writing by Universal in order to be valid. For accounts which are past due, Universal will charge the credit card associated with the account. If there is no valid credit card defined Universal reserves the right to assess to each account a maximum charge of two percent (2%) per month on the outstanding balance of the account. In the event Universal retains outside legal counsel and/or a collection agency, the debtor will be responsible for the reasonable fees and expenses associated with the collection of the account. Universal does not ship orders Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.). All invoices are payable in U.S. dollars.



Every article that is bought from us is guaranteed by the manufacturer, as well as by Universal, to perform as represented in our catalog. Universal guarantees the products sold herein for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of invoice unless otherwise noted. This guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the equipment, supplies or parts, free of charge, at our factory, which Universal determines to be defective. All equipment, supplies or parts which are claimed to be defective must be sent to Universal, freight prepaid. Contact your Universal Sales Representative prior to returning merchandise which you claim to be defective. Your sales representative will assist you in returning such merchandise. Universal will not assume liability for damage(s) resulting from the abuse, misuse, improper installation or maintenance, storage, handling or use of the product in excess of its reasonable or prescribed limitation. Universal hereby disclaims any warranties, express or implied, of merchantability of the goods sold hereunder. Universal expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for the particular purposes for which such goods are or may be used by the purchaser. In no event shall Universal be liable for any special, consequential or exemplary damages. In the event a manufacturer's warranty exceeds ninety (90) days then such warranty shall be applicable.



Every reasonable effort was undertaken by Universal to insure the accuracy of our web site. Universal has attempted to use a uniform terminology in our catalog and on our web site to distinguish between generic and genuine (OEM) parts, supplies and equipment. Throughout this catalog and our web site, when you see the phrase "For _______", you should assume the item to be generic; however, Universal may elect to ship a genuine part.



Where brand name or genuine (OEM) products are listed in this catalog, these items were being shipped at the time this catalog went to press. Over time, certain brand or genuine (OEM) products may no longer be supplied. If a brand or genuine (OEM) item is required by you, please make this distinction known when the order is placed. Because of the changing nature of our inventory, verify the description of each item against the Universal part number at the time the order is placed. Universal reserves the right to substitute items represented by a particular Universal part number regardless of the product description indicated in the catalog.



In regard to OSHA and other safety laws, purchasers of the items in this catalog are warned to inquire of the manufacturer concerning proper usage and directions. Universal shall not be responsible for any damages, losses, injury or harm resulting from a failure, either in whole or part, on the part of the purchaser, its employees, agents and contractors, to read and observe the manufacturer's directions regarding the proper use of the equipment, supplies or parts.



A customer can request an open billing account by relating this account with an existing Universal Sewing Supply account that already has terms or by providing the necessary reference information in the My Accounts section of our website. Universal Sewing Supply internet terms will be strict Net 30. For accounts which are past due, Universal will charge the credit card associated with the account. If there is no valid credit card defined Universal reserves the right to assess to each account a maximum charge of two percent (2%) per month on the outstanding balance of the account. Open billing accounts are rarely authorized.

Existing Customers:

If you are currently doing business with Universal Sewing Supply would like to relate that account to this web account you must provide a small amount of information so we can verify the relationship. You should do this if you have an existing terms account because we can use the credit references supplied for your existing account instead of entering the information again or if your existing account is receiving certain specialized considerations and you would like to receive the same considerations on this account.

You will receive an email confirming that we have related this internet account with the existing account you referenced or requesting additional information if necessary. Please be aware that if orders are placed during this review process, no existing special considerations will be in effect and a credit card payment will be required.



All prices are in U.S. dollars and are those prices that are in effect at the time Universal accepts your order. All orders are FOB shipping point. All catalog prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are the lowest net prices with trade discounts already deducted, unless otherwise accepted by Universal. If an item is not in stock and is backordered, it will be invoiced upon shipment at the price in effect at the time the order was accepted. All written quotations are good for thirty (30) days only, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Verbal quotations are effective for the day of the quotation only.



In the states in which Universal is registered to collect state, sales, and/or local usage taxes, such taxes must be charged. If you claim to be entitled to an exemption from such taxes, you must have on file with Universal, prior to the shipment of the goods, all valid supporting documents.



Due to the cost of handling orders, Universal has established a minimum order of $30.00.



Ordered quantities will be automatically adjusted to reflect standard packaging.



Items not in Universal's Inventory (non-catalog items) or "drop-ship" items (items shipped directly from vendor to customer) are noncancelable and nonreturnable.



We are constantly stocking new items. If you do not see what you are looking for, call, fax or write us, we probably have it.



All accepted orders are definite sales. If product trials are desired, arrangements must be made in advance. All transportation charges are to be assumed by the prospective buyer, as well as restocking and refurbishing charges, if applicable.



No item purchased from Universal includes the cost of installation nor does Universal agree to install same. Some products can be installed by a Universal technician or through contracted agents of Universal. Where you require installation, Universal may be able to help you. Please consult with Universal for details and costs.



All orders are automatically shipped by UPS Ground whenever the weight and package size meet UPS Ground shipping requirements unless another carrier (e.g., FedEx, RPS, UPS Red Label, UPS Blue Label, etc.), is specifically requested at the time you place your order. If your order is shipped on a carrier of your choice, the order will be sent freight collect and will not be insured unless you specifically request insurance coverage at the time you place your order. Freight and insurance are automatically prepaid by Universal on UPS Ground and are added to the invoice. In the event the carrier specified is on strike or will not pick up, Universal will ship the best way available.


Whenever the weight and package size will not allow for UPS Ground delivery, Universal will ship such orders via common carrier truck lines. Unless specified at the time of order placement, Universal shall be free to select the common carrier of its choice. On truck shipments of Universal's choice, Universal will prepay freight and insurance charges and add them to the invoice. If your order is shipped on a carrier of your choice, the order will be sent freight collect and will not be insured unless specifically requested at the time of order placement.


Airfreight shipments must be specified at the time of order placement.



If delivery outside the continental United States, please contact a Universal Sales Representative for details. Universal maintains ongoing relationships with many foreign delivery services and can arrange for the rapid delivery of international orders

Universal Sewing Supply is not responsible for any duties, taxes or other non-routine customs brokerage charges for goods leaving the U.S.



In addition to the normal freight charge, the following charges will be applied per package of hazardous material:

  • UPS Ground - $15.00 per package
  • UPS Air - $25.00 per package

Hazardous materials outside the U.S. may require higher fees. Check with your Universal representative for details.



For customers drop shipping to a transit corporation or a location other than the purchasing location, Universal's liability ends at the appointed destination in the United States.



Universal will be happy to assist with any delivery questions. It is helpful to have Universal's invoice or packing slip at hand when contacting us.



Shortages must be reported to Universal within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of order. Any shipments in which a carton is missing, always note the shortage of carton(s) on the carrier's delivery log or manifest.



All returns must have a Return Authorization Number or they will not be accepted by Universal and will be returned to you freight collect. To initiate the return process, just enter all necessary information on the return request page. After the return is processed by Universal Sewing Supply, you will receive an email with details on the necessary steps to complete the return. You will receive a Return Authorization Number for all merchandise to be returned (broken, defective, damaged, exchange, overshipment, repair, error in ordering, etc.). Do not return any merchandise to Universal C.O.D. as such shipments will be refused. This policy is subject to change.

  1. Universal Error -- Full credit will be issued, including transportation charges, provided goods are returned within forty-five (45) days of invoice date (See "Instructions" above).
  2. Customer Error -- Credit will be issued, less transportation and appropriate restocking charges as listed below with a minimum of fifteen percent (15%) charged.
  3. Unauthorized returns will be refused.
  4. Orders for non-stock or drop-ship items are noncancelable and nonrefundable unless Universal's vendor ships the wrong items or ships items that are defective.
  5. Universal cannot accept for credit items which are not resaleable. This includes items which are worn, have been abused, misused, improperly installed or maintained, stored, handled or used in a manner that exceeds its reasonable or prescribed limitations.
  6. Restocking Charges for Stock Items:
    • 40 days from invoice......................................20%
    • 75 days from invoice......................................30%
    • 120 days from invoice....................................40%
    • 200 days from invoice....................................50%
    • 250 days from invoice.............No Return Possible
  1. With Universal's invoice number or packing slip number at hand from any order entered on this site, enter all necessary information on the return request page and indicate which item(s) are to be returned, and the reason for the return.
  2. If the return is approved by Universal, Universal will issue a Return Authorization Number.
  3. Place a copy of the Universal invoice or packing slip and the Return Authorization Form inside the package. All Items submitted for return must be returned with the original packaging. In the event the required label and Universal Return Authorization Form, invoice, or packing slip are not included in the return shipment, the shipment may be refused and returned freight collect to you.



    INSURANCE PLACED BY UNIVERSAL If a shipment is received which appears to be damaged and you elect to accept the shipment, a notation of the damage must be made on the carrier's delivery log or manifest. Then, immediately open the package and determine if any goods are, in fact, damaged. In the event of damage, retain all packaging materials and damaged goods for later inspection. Failure to retain the packaging materials will cause the claim to be denied. Immediately notify a Universal Customer Service Representative in St. Louis, Missouri, for further instructions. If you elect not to accept the shipment, then note on the carrier's delivery log or manifest that the delivery of the shipment is rejected. Immediately notify a Universal Customer Service Representative in St. Louis, Missouri, for further instructions. In the event of concealed damage, the customer or the consignee must immediately notify a Universal Sales Representative in St. Louis, Missouri, for further instructions. Again, retain all packaging materials for inspection. Failure to retain the packaging materials will cause any claim to be denied. Upon Universal's determination that a claim is valid, Universal, at your request, will either replace the damaged goods or issue a credit for the goods. Failure to contact Universal within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of damaged merchandise may result in disallowance of the claim for damages.



    In the event of damage to items shipped freight collect, the customer is responsible for filing any and all claims with the carrier. Please understand that you remain responsible to Universal for the payment for all goods shipped freight collect.



    Universal Sewing de Mexico is a separate company from Universal Sewing U.S.A. and has its own terms and conditions of sale unique to them.