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Apparel Manufacturing and Retail Solutions

Avery Dennison offers fastening solutions for virtually any apparel product. Our products can empower designers, improve manufacturing quality and efficiency and increase consumer appeal and perceived value. Our Ecotach™ fasteners can help retail and brand owners to reduce their environmental impact.

Swiftach® is our largest category of tools and fasteners designed for garment tagging. These fasteners can quickly and securely communicate brand message, price, size and/or bar code information. Because they feature a larger paddle than many competitive fasteners, they can also help prevent price-ticket switching to enhance security. These fasteners are also available in recycled and biodegradable styles for those who know that little things like a fastener can make a difference. 

Garment Tagging and Identification

We offer a wide range of fasteners for tagging garments. Most use a tool and needle to insert the fastener through the fabric. Additional options are available based on the delicacy of the fabric, the distance the tag needs to hang from the fastener’s anchoring point, and the required fastener strength. Our offerings include:

  • Standard Swiftach® (PP) — Our most commonly used fastener
  • Ecotach™ (rPET, rPA, rPP, Ecoatach TPU)  — For those who want to reduce their environmental impact
  • System 1000® — For optimal productivity. Equivalent to the Standard fasteners, System 1000 is supplied in rolls of 1000 to avoid constant reloading
  • Micro Fastener — Our most innovative and technologically advanced product for garment tagging. It’s hardly visible and easy to remove, yet strong enough to keep the label or tag safe
  • ST9500® — Applies Plastic Staples®, allowing labels to stay flush to the garment while permitting safe removal with a firm tug on the tag
  • Secur-A-Tach® — When piercing the product with needles is not an option
  • StringTach™ — For sharper looks

Textile Bundling and Packaging

Our fasteners offer simplification for a wide range of jobs, from shirt folding to sock pairing, packaging towels to packaging bath or car mats.

  • Micro Fasteners — For delicate garments such as formal shirts, lingerie, dress socks, and swimwear
  • Heavy Duty Paddle Fasteners — When the weave is less delicate and greater strength is needed
  • Heavy Duty Swiftach — A stronger option that can hold together heavier materials and withstand heavier loads
  • Plastic Staple® — For application speed and ease of removal. It can be used on a single layer or stretched to fix several layers.
  • IndES® Staple — For applications requiring a longer fastener.

Shoe Lasting

EHD T-End™ fasteners — Engineered to improve productivity through quick application, shoe manufacturers can replace the hand-applied string lasting process with EHD T-End

Premium Brand Merchandising

Garments tagged with premium string fasteners are perceived to be of much higher value than of those tagged with conventional plastic loop fasteners. Our StringTach™ fasteners combine the aesthetic appeal of a string loop with the speed and security of conventional loop fasteners. These premium fasteners are designed to give brands an edge.

The StringTach special arrow tip makes threading through zippers and eyelets easy. StringTach fasteners have been used on the following product categories:

  • Premium Apparel
  • Tailoring
  • Dress Shirts
  • Casual Wear
  • Golf Attire
  • Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Handbags
  • Leather Goods
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses

Avery Dennison Swiftach Catalog

Click here to download the current Swiftach catalog.

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