2 or 3-Way Single Push Button Spring Return Valve, N.C. or N.O., 1/8 Inch NPSF

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0 to 125 p.s.i., operates up to 900 CPM. Brass, stainless and buna 'N' construction. Lock nuts and lock washers furnished for mounting. Positive stop, short stroke-1/32" per stroke, plus 1/32" full open, plus 1/32" overstroke. All valves will handle cylinders up to 3" bore. Any port may be pressurized. May be operated by pushbutton or air pilot operator. Adapts directly to the 15/32" x 9/32" threaded 7/16" diameter button end.

Model 31P: Multi-purpose spring return valve may be used as a 2-way or 3-way, N.C. or N.O., diverter valve or dual pressure. For 2-way plug N.C. or N.O. port not used. All ports 1/8" NPT. Weight 4-1/4 ounces, size 1-5/16" high, 1-1/4" wide and 5/8" thick. Mounts with two #6 screws or use body threads for bracket or panel mounting.

OSHA may require that presses and other hand loaded and actuated devices have two hand controls. These are easy to install; basic control circuit shown will provide protection required. No. 17725: 3-way normally closed valve may be mounted through a panel or on its base or side bracket. Guard prevents accidental actuation but does not prevent palm operation due to the short .030" stroke. Concurrent operation of the two No. 17725 Hand Valves maintains air output as long as both valves are held actuated. Release of either or both valves will shut off air to cylinder. To recycle, release both hand valves and reactuate.

No. 10849 and No. 16821 Valves are not required for momentary output.