2-Way Normally Closed Clippard Valve, 1/8 Inch NPT

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MJV-2-BLK, RS-18
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MJV-2 & 3: Stem travel 1/8". Maximum working pressure 300 p.s.i. Air flow at 50 p.s.i./14 c.f.m. and at 100 p.s.i./25 c.f.m. Ports 1/8" female except exhaust through hole in valve body. Mounting 15/32-32 male thread. Nuts and lock washers furnished.

MJV-4 & 4D: Stem travel 3/16". Maximum working pressure 150 p.s.i. Air flow at 50 p.s.i./8 c.f.m. and 100 p.s.i./14 c.f.m. Ports same as other MJV valves above. Mounting with 15/32-32 male thread or through two .201" diameter mounting holes in body.