4-Way Double Push Button Spring Return Valve, N.C. or N.O., 1/8 Inch NPSF

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0 to 125 p.s.i., operates up to 900 CPM. Brass, stainless and buna 'N' construction. Lock nuts and lock washers furnished for mounting. Positive stop, short stroke-1/32" per stroke, plus 1/32" full open, plus 1/32" overstroke. All valves will handle cylinders up to 3" bore. Any port may be pressurized. May be operated by pushbutton or air pilot operator. Adapts directly to the 15/32" x 9/32" threaded 7/16" diameter button end.

Model 41P: 4-way, N.C. or N.O., 5 ports, spring return. Ports 1/8" NPT, exhaust port 10/32. Exhaust port flow controls furnished. Weight 5-1/4 ounces, size 1-21/32" high, 1-1/4" wide and 5/8" thick. Mounts with three #6 screws or use body threads for bracket or panel mounting.

Model 41PP: Same as 41P except Double Button Action.