Filter & Regulator Gauge Set, 1/4 Inch

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CFDR55-2-E5G, CFDR55M-2E5
Master Pneumatic
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These combination Filter Regulator Gauge Sets have 1/8" gauge port for the 1-1/2" 0-160# gauge supplied. The pressure regulator maximum inlet pressure is 150 p.s.i., adjustable outlet pressure is 0-100 p.s.i. with locking type adjusting knob. The filter has a 5-micron bronze filter with automatic drain and clear polycarbonate bowl. The filter bowl drains completely when air to system is shut off. May be panel mounted through 1-3/16" dia. hole or bracket mounted. Filter Regulator Gauge Sets consists of filter, regulator, gauge and two 1/8" IPT plugs. Made in USA.