Iron-Safe Slip-On Ironing Shoe, Prevents Scorching, Sticking & Shine

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The Iron-Safe Slip-On Ironing Shoe offers worry-free ironing at your iron's highest temperature setting, ensuring no scorching, sticking, or shine on any material. Measuring 230mm long and 130mm wide, it fits most standard irons and features ventilation for use with steam or dry ironing. Its feather-light design allows for extended use on various fabrics, including Taffeta, Gabardine, Nylon, and synthetics. Easy to install, highly durable, and cleaned with mild soap and water, this ironing shoe promises years of dependable service under normal use, enhancing your ironing experience without compromise.


At a Glance...

  • Allows you to iron any material at your iron’s highest temperature setting, without ever worrying about scorching, sticking or shine.
  • At 230mm long and 130mm wide, it fits most standard irons and is ventilated so it can be used dry or with steam.
  • Light as a feather so you can use it all day long on all your fabrics, including Taffeta, Gabardine, Nylon and synthetic fabrics.
  • Easy to install, highly durable and cleans easily with mild soap and water.
  • Under normal use the Iron-Safe slip-on iron shoe will provide years of dependable service.