Quilter's Touch Machingers Quilting Support Gloves for Free-Motion Sewing, Extra Large

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Quilter's Touch
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Machingers quilting gloves are an essential tool for mastering free motion quilting, providing the necessary control and comfort for a range of quilting techniques. From free motion to attaching bindings with a walking foot, these gloves offer a solution to the inherent slipperiness of fabric, allowing quilters to maintain a secure grip on their work and manipulate it effortlessly.

Crafted from lightweight nylon, Machingers gloves prioritize breathability and comfort, making them ideal for extended quilting sessions. Their form-fitting design, coupled with textured rubber-coated fingertips, enhances grip and precision, facilitating intricate movements with ease. Particularly beneficial for free motion quilting, these gloves alleviate the challenge of handling large quilts, enabling quilters to concentrate more on their stitching and less on managing fabric drag. Size: extra large.


At a Glance

  • Essential tool for mastering free motion quilting
  • Provides control and comfort for various quilting techniques
  • Crafted from lightweight nylon for breathability and comfort
  • Form-fitting design with textured rubber-coated fingertips for enhanced grip and precision
  • Alleviates fabric slipperiness, enabling effortless manipulation of work
  • Ideal for extended quilting sessions
  • Particularly beneficial for free motion quilting, reducing fabric drag
  • Size: extra large


Extra Large