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Scissors, Snips & Rotary Cutting Tools

Quality scissors are critical for any sewing project. For over 60 years, Universal Sewing Supply has provided the highest quality scissors, shears and snips, available anywhere. We offer a complete line of dressmaking, embroidery, pinking shears, crafting scissors, along with various other scissors and snips for almost any purpose. We carry the most popular brands like Gingher, Fiskars, Ultima, Kai, Clover, Kretzer and more. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact our sales department.

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Mundial 10 Inch Heavy-Duty Stay-Set Bent Trimmers (Mundial 498-10)

Item Number: 13256

These Mundial Stay-Set scissors are adjustable to your own needs, and all it takes is a screwdriver. The Mundial Stay-Set pivot is uniquely engineered to stay set, providing comfortable cutting under the most demanding conditions.

Qty Available: 23
Mundial 10 Inch Industrial-Forged Stay-Set Bent Trimmers (Mundial 490-10)

Item Number: 13266

Stay-Set Bent Trimmers are adjustable to your own needs. All it takes is a screwdriver. The Mundial Stay-Set pivot is uniquely engineered; once set, it stays set for comfortable cutting power under the most demanding conditions.

Qty Available: 10
Mundial 12 Inch Heavy-Duty Stay-Set Bent Trimmers (Mundial 498-12)

Item Number: 13267

Mundial's 10-inch Industrial Forged trimmers offer robust, hot-drop forged construction. The bent-handle design and black-enameled coating provide comfort, while the resilient blades cut through layers with precision. Equipped with Mundial Stay-Set pivot for comfortable cutting in demanding conditions.

Qty Available: 2
Mundial 12 Inch Tailoring & General Purpose Bent Handle Shears (Mundial 490-12)

Item Number: 13274

Mundial's 12-inch bent scissors, part of the Industrial Forged series, offer durable hot-drop forged, nickel-plated construction for exceptional performance. Ideal for various tasks, the versatile design ensures precise cutting and comfort, reducing hand fatigue.

Qty Available: 9
Mundial 4 Inch Classic Forged Curved Embroidery Scissors (Mundial CR427-4)

Item Number: 3729

Exceptional curved embroidery scissors with finely tapered sharp blades, hot drop-forged, and chrome-plated for durability. Versatile for intricate tasks, ideal for stitching removal. Retains sharp edges for months, ensuring endless service for small cuts and light materials.

Out of Stock
Mundial 4-1/2 Inch Classic Forged Thread Clippers (Mundial M801)

Item Number: 13053

Mundial's 4-1/2" Classic Forged Thread Clip is a essential tool in sewing kits. Part of the professional-quality Classic Forged line, these scissors undergo hot drop forging and chrome plating for precision. With a 4-1/2" length, it effortlessly trims threads, fabric, and ribbons. Easy to use for snipping embroidery threads, it's crafted from chrome-plated carbon steel for durability.

Out of Stock
Mundial 4-1/4 Inch Red Dot School Pocket Scissors (Mundial 667)

Item Number: 13056

Stainless steel construction with knife edge grind and adjustable pivot assembly. Safety points and universal ring handles. Matted plastic handles to prevent slippage.

Qty Available: 13
Mundial 4-1/8 Inch Pocket Utility Scissors (Mundial CR430-4 1/8)

Item Number: 13041

The Mundial 4-1/8" pocket utility shears are hot drop-forged, chrome-plated over nickel. Blunt safety points with comfortable finger ring bows.

Qty Available: 17
Mundial 4-3/4 Inch Red Dot Thread Clipper (Mundial M601)

Item Number: 13058

The Red Dot Thread Clippers are designed to make fast, clean and accurate cuts. The positive spring action instantly reopens the blades after each cut. These clippers features blades made of special stainless cutlery steel, precision hardened, ground and knife edged for a clean and long lasting cut. Lightweight plastic frame.

Qty Available: 1098
Mundial 5-1/2 Inch Cushion Soft Precision Tip Hobby & Craft Scissors (Mundial 1864-1)

Item Number: 13957

Mundial's 5-1/2 inch Cushion Soft Shears, with enlarged finger bows and cushioned inserts, are soft to the touch and offer a non-slip grip to provide hours of cutting comfort. Shears have also been designed with a unique micro serrated blade for maximum cutting control to prevent slippage when cutting delicate fabrics. For right or left-handed use.

Out of Stock
Mundial 5-1/2 Inch Red Dot Hobby, Craft & Embroidery Scissors (Mundial M664)

Item Number: 13057

Mundial Red Dot Hobby and Craft Scissors are crafted from premium stainless steel, meticulously processed by skilled artisans to meet high-quality standards. These 5-1/2in scissors provide precise cutting for paper, yarn, cloth, thread, and crafting materials. Engineered for optimal control, featuring an adjustable pivot, Mundial's signature red button, non-slip matte black handles, and cutlery-grade stainless steel blades.

Qty Available: 54
Mundial 6 Inch Bent Handle Sewing & Tailoring Scissors (Mundial 270-6)

Item Number: 13025

These industrial bent trimmers are versatile for fabrics of all weights. These scissors are hot drop-forged, nickel-plated blades with black handles. Adjustable screw and nut. Precision ground to a knife edge for easy cutting.

Out of Stock
Mundial 6-3/4 Inch Cushion Pro Bent-Handle Ergonomic Shears (Mundial 970-6)

Item Number: 13496

Heavy-duty ergonomic 6-3/4-inch bent trimmers, made with thicker steel and precisely honed blades. Measures approximately 6-3/4 by 3 by 1-inch. Ergonomic design for hours of comfortable cutting. Special handles feature large finger bows are soft to the touch.

Qty Available: 84
Mundial 7 Inch Bent Handle Sewing & Tailoring Scissors (Mundial 270-7)

Item Number: 13026

Mundial Industrial Bent Trimmers offer versatile comfort for fabrics of all weights, with contoured handles in various sizes. Crafted from fine carbon steel, these 7" scissors undergo meticulous forging for lasting quality and a comfortable edge.

Qty Available: 264
Mundial 8 Inch High Leverage Industrial Forged Upholstery & Utility Shears (Mundial 314-8)

Item Number: 13280

Mundial 8" Industrial Stay-Set Utility Shears, hot-drop forged and nickel-plated, ensure exceptional, durable performance. The patented Stay-Set pivot allows easy adjustment and maintains the setting under demanding applications. With a strong, long-lasting knife edge, these versatile shears with a 3" cut are perfect for various tasks, providing comfort and reducing hand fatigue. A must-have for every toolbox and garage.

Qty Available: 33
Mundial 8 Inch Serra Sharp Industrial Bent Trimmers (Mundial 270-8SR)

Item Number: 13017

Mundial's 8" Serra Sharp Bent Trimmers: pro-grade, hot forged, nickel-plated, with micro-serrated blade for precise cuts. Robust, easily re-sharpened, and comfortable with a 3-1/2" cut. Includes safety sheath and adjustable pivot for convenience.

Qty Available: 12
Mundial 8 Inch True Left Handed Bent Handle Dressmaker Scissors (Mundial M271-8)

Item Number: 13034

8 inch true left-handed scissors, ideal for cutting fine synthetic fabric and material, as well as multiple layers of fabric or heavy-duty material, cleanly to the very tip. The blades are strong, long-lasting, and designed for easy re-sharpening, while the handle is coated in a black enamel for the ultimate left-handed comfort and reduced hand fatigue.

Qty Available: 10
Mundial 8-1/2 Inch Cushion Pro Bent-Handle Ergonomic Shears (Mundial 960-8)

Item Number: 13498

Mundial's heavy-duty, ergonomic 8-1/2-inch bent trimmers, made with thicker steel and precisely honed blades, measures approximately 8-1/2 by 4 by 1-inch. Special handles feature large finger bows are soft to the touch.

Qty Available: 28
Mundial 8-1/2 Inch Cushion Soft Dressmaker Shears, Blue (Mundial 1860-1)

Item Number: 13003

Mundial CushionSoft 8 1/2″ Dressmaker Shears: Pro-quality steel blades, cushioned comfort, non-slip blue handles, and micro-serrated edge for precision on sheer fabrics. Ambidextrous design for versatile use.

Qty Available: 1042
Mundial 8-1/2 Inch Cushion Soft Dressmaker Shears, Red (Mundial 1860-3)

Item Number: 13494

The Mundial Cushion Soft 8 1/2″ Ambidextrous Dressmaker Shears boast professional-quality stainless steel blades for durability. With cushioned inserts, enlarged finger bows, and non-slip handles in vibrant red, these ergonomic scissors offer extended comfort and precision on sheer fabrics. Suitable for both right and left-hand use, they have a full length of 8-1/2" and a cut length of 3-1/4".

Qty Available: 837
Mundial 8-1/2 Inch Cushion Soft Lightweight Pinking Shears (Mundial 1865-1)

Item Number: 13008

Lightweight Cushion Soft Pinking Shears with enlarged finger bows and cushioned inserts are soft to the touch with a non-slip grip to provide hours of cutting comfort. For right or left-handed use. Blades made of stainless steel.

Out of Stock
Mundial 8-1/2 Inch Red Dot Left-Handed Lightweight Bent Handle Trimmers (Mundial M661LH)

Item Number: 13272

As part of Mundial's lightweight Red Dot line, these shears have a matte black polypropylene handle and stainless steel blades. The knife edge features a precision cut blade that glides through fabric easily and cleanly to the very tip. Efficient and easy to use when cutting heavy materials or multiple layers.

Out of Stock
Mundial 8-1/2 Inch Red Dot Lightweight Stainless Dressmaker Shears (Mundial M660)

Item Number: 13054

Mundial M660 Red Dot Dressmaker Scissors, 8 1/2", offer professional-grade cutting with stainless steel blades and a lightweight, durable design. The knife-edge ensures precision, while the matte black handle prevents slippage. Adjustable pivot assembly enhances durability, making them ideal for sewing enthusiasts.

Qty Available: 342
Mundial 9 Inch Cushion Soft Dressmaker Shears (Mundial 1890-1)

Item Number: 13966

These 9" length scissors are made by Mundial. They have stainless steel blades, a cushion soft ambidextrous bent handle and micro-serrated edges. Very good lightweight shear for lightweight cutting.

Qty Available: 218
Mundial 9-1/2 Inch Red Dot Lightweight Bent Handle Trimmers (Mundial M690)

Item Number: 13055

The Mundial 9-1/2" Red Dot Shear is efficient and easy to use when cutting heavy materials or multiple layers. Stainless steel blades are ground at a steeper-than-normal angle. Heavier rivet joints provide solid leverage.

Qty Available: 12
Mundial 9-Inch Industrial-Forged Stay-Set Bent Trimmers (Mundial 490-9)

Item Number: 13277

Mundial 490-9 Industrial-Forged 9-Inch Bent Trimmers: Solid steel, hot drop-forged, and nickel-plated with black enameled handles. Ideal for heavy-duty cutting with a bent-handle design for hard-to-reach places, ensuring comfort and durability.

Qty Available: 14