Mundial 9-Inch Industrial-Forged Stay-Set Bent Trimmers (Mundial 490-9)

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429-9I, 490-9, 496-9, M429-9I, M496-9
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The Mundial 490-9 Industrial-Forged Stay-Set 9-Inch Bent Trimmers, featuring black enameled handles, are robust heavy-duty dressmaker and tailoring shears with solid steel construction. With a full length of 9" and a cut length of 4-1/4", these hot drop-forged, nickel-plated trimmers offer clean and effortless cuts. The long-lasting blades, designed with a bent-handle for reaching difficult places, are complemented by a black-enameled coating ensuring comfort during use. Part of the Mundial 490 series, these industrial heavy-duty bent trimmers are reliable tools for various cutting tasks.


At a Glance:

  • Black enameled handles
  • Robust heavy-duty dressmaker and tailoring shears
  • Solid steel construction
  • Full length of 9" and a cut length of 4-1/4"
  • Hot drop-forged, nickel-plated trimmers
  • Clean and effortless cuts
  • Long-lasting blades with a bent-handle design for reaching difficult places
  • Black-enameled coating for comfort during use
  • Part of the Mundial 490 series
  • Industrial heavy-duty bent trimmers
  • Reliable tools for various cutting tasks


Cut Length:
4-1/4 Inch
9 Inch