SPST Enclosed Mercury Switch

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7MP1-2, AP1916
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Enclosed mercury switch consist of an embedded single pole, single throw mercury switch surrounded by a protective enclosure. This switch is unaffected by water or vapor and is resistant to oil, alkalies and acids. Has 6" plastic insulated leads and a different angle of 12° maximum. Fast tilting action is recommended. Enclosed mercury switches are rated for a resistant load of 3 amps, 115 volts AC or DC; 2 amps, 230 volts AC; 1.5 amps, 230 volts DC. Motor load is 1.8 amps, 115 volts AC; 9 amps, 230 volts AC; 65 amps, 115 volts DC; .35 amps, 230 volts DC. 1/2" diameter, 1-7/8" long.