Ultima Bobbin Box, Holds 28 Class-15 Plastic Bobbins, 2 Pack

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Introducing the Ultima Bobbin Box two pack, an essential companion for every sewing enthusiast's toolkit. Designed to streamline your crafting space, this set includes two durable plastic boxes, each accommodating up to 28 Class-15 plastic bobbins. These boxes are transparent, allowing for effortless identification of thread colors at a glance. No more rummaging through cluttered drawers! The heavy-duty clear plastic is not only robust but also offers a sleek aesthetic to your sewing station. Equipped with a secure latching lid, your bobbins remain neatly stored and protected from dust and tangles. Compact and lightweight, measuring just 7"x1.25"x3.5", these boxes are ideal for on-t he-go sewing projects. Hang them conveniently on a wall or pegboard using the small hole at the top, or slip them into your handbag or luggage for portable organization wherever you go. Inside, the foam liners snugly cradle your bobbins, preventing unwinding and ensuring a tidy workspace. With the Ultima Bobbin Box, embrace efficiency and ease in your sewing endeavors, where every thread finds its perfect place.