Ultima China Markers, 12 Peel-Off Grease Pencils, Black

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Ultima peel-off grease pencils offer a seamless solution for marking on a multitude of surfaces, ensuring clarity and precision with every stroke. From the sleek sheen of glazed pottery to the reflective surface of glass and the resilience of plastic and metal, these pencils leave behind opaque markings without any hint of skipping. Their versatility extends to porous surfaces like fabric, wood, and paper, where they effortlessly leave lasting impressions. Resistant to water, fading, and smudging, the marks they make are enduring and vibrant, promising longevity in any project. Cleanup is a breeze, particularly on non-porous finishes, as the marks can be easily removed. With a convenient pull string mechanism to reveal the core, there's no need for a sharpener. Package contains 12 black pencils.


At a Glance

  • Ultima peel-off grease pencils offer seamless marking on various surfaces, ensuring clarity and precision.
  • Ideal for glazed pottery, glass, plastic, metal, fabric, wood, and paper, leaving opaque markings without skipping.
  • Resistant to water, fading, and smudging, ensuring enduring and vibrant marks.
  • Easy cleanup, especially on non-porous finishes, with marks that can be effortlessly removed.
  • Convenient pull string mechanism eliminates the need for a sharpener.
  • Package includes 12 black pencils for extended use.


Package Quantity:
12 Pencils