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Deluxe features include a variable spray nozzle for finer, more controlled spray and improved high pressure pump design so that it can be used with a wider range of solvent without clogging. Designed for industrial durability and reliability. The combination of extremely high pressure and cleaning solvent dissolves and cleans out stains from any type of fabric. Cleaning fluid is hydrostatically pumped and atomized into pressurized spray. The atomization and volume controls allow for excellent spray pattern and conservation of cleaning fluid. Soiled fabrics are quickly and economically cleaned to restore to first quality. This new design makes the unit easier to handle and provides fast and convenient access to internal parts. A sturdy mechanism that generates pressure up to 1500 p.s.i. makes the "KSK" gun recommended for demanding applications in tough daily fabric cleaning. It is used extensively throughout the textile, apparel and other industries. A very reliable and effective method of fabric cleaning without discoloration. Sets on bench or hangs on hook when not in use. Cleaning fluid reservoir holds 32 oz. of cleaning fluid.

The "KSK" Cleaning Gun is a new, improved cleaning gun designed especially for the high-volume production user.