Avery Dennison Basic Installation Tool for Miniature, Intermediate & Standard Cable Ties

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10624, 10625-0, D10624
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Avery Dennison Cable Tie Installation Tools are engineered so that the distance between the trigger and handle is minimized to lower the trigger force necessary for operation. This can lessen fatigue and increase comfort for smaller hands. An easy-to-read tension setting indicator and a non-slip tension adjustment knob ensures consistency from one operator to another.

Built to Last

The internal mechanisms in this tool are built for reliability. The rugged, lightweight cast aluminum body makes it ideal to use in production environments. The blade and tool geometry improves cutting capability for smoother, more precise cuts.

Application Versatility

This tool is available in either manual or pneumatic styles. Both tools will accommodate all miniature (18 lb), intermediate (40 lb) and standard ties (50 lb) or 0.3”/ 7.6mm wide ties The narrow nose of the tool allows easy access for miniature, intermediate and standard ties (0.3”/ 7.6mm) maximum width.