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Avery Dennison Fasteners

These plastic fasteners are the easy and productive solution for packaging, fastening, and display applications. Invented by Avery Dennison in the early 1960's, the original Swiftachment® Fastening System is still the industry's preference for attaching tags. Fastener styles include Paddles, T-Ends™, Hooks, and Loops. Whether you are tagging a shirt, hat, belt, pants, etc., there is an Avery Dennison Standard fastener that will work for you.

Delicate applications are no problem. Fine Fabric™ tools and fasteners reduce the risk of creating holes and snags when attaching tags to intermediate weaves, either at the woven label or at the stitches. The Fine Fabric™ Paddle Fasteners are used to prevent ticket switching and resulting inventory shortages. Users can choose between polypropylene and nylon for added strength.

Fasteners are compatible with Standard and Fine Fabric Avery Dennison tools, each of which are comfortable, lightweight, and designed to be durable and reliable.

Buttoneer Fastener Refills by Avery Dennison, 100 Pieces

Item Number: 4621

Refill fasteners for Avery Dennison Buttoneer Button Fastening Tool, 100 pieces.

Qty Available: 434