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Bar-Lok Cable Ties by Avery Dennison

  • Bar-Lok high performance nylon wire ties are resist to extremes of temperature, UV light, vibration, humidity, and salt. They survive cyclic shock fatigue up to 70 percent longer than most competitive ties and they’re unaffected in applications where most types of grease, oil and fuels are present.

  • Bar-Lok nylon cable and wire zip ties by Avery Dennison are used in industries and applications such as electrical, electronics, CATV, HVAC, transportation, telecommunications, packaging, retail, beverage and automotive. Bar-Lok zip ties are used for everything from bundling wire and cable, to packaging, security-tagging, mounting, temporary repairs, and countless other uses around the house, at work, or in any industrial setting.

  • Bar-Lok nylon ties are constructed of a weather-resistant 6/6 nylon resin. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications because they have greater resistance to ultraviolet light are weatherproof and impervious to the elements.

  • Bar-Lok cables ties contain 2% carbon black and the temperature range is -40° F (-40° C) to 176° F (80° C). They are manufactured from type 6/6 Nylon, which is used because of its impact strength and resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

  • Bar-Lok zip ties outperform just about anything the competition has to offer, with the highest tensile strength per cross-section of any leading brand of zip tie. Bar-Lok ties offer virtually no creep; they will not loosen or relax, even under extreme heat, humidity and/or vibration. They are also lighter, more flexible and they are incredibly resistant to the damaging effects of petrochemicals.

Cable Tie Performance Criteria

Minimum Loop Tensile Strength

Performance characteristic. The minimum amount of force expressed in Newtons that causes the assembled tie to fail. Use higher tensile strength for big and heavy loads, lower tensile strength for small and light-to medium loads.


Avery Dennison Bar-Lok cable ties are manufactured from Type 6/6 Nylon, which is noted for toughness, impact strength, resistance to abrasion and chemicals. It is the material of choice per US military specifications.

Bundle Diameter

Maximum and minimum bundle diameters are size extremes in which the tie will function properly. They are set according to industry standards established by US military standards.

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Avery Dennison Basic Installation Tool for Miniature, Intermediate & Standard Cable Ties

Item Number: 5570

This tool is available in either manual or pneumatic styles. Both tools will accommodate all miniature (18 lb), intermediate (40 lb) and standard ties (50 lb) or 0.3”/ 7.6mm wide ties The narrow nose of the tool allows easy access for miniature, intermediate and standard ties (0.3”/ 7.6mm) maximum width.

Qty Available: 4