Avery Dennison Half-Inch Clear Plastic Staples for ST9500 Fastener System (100,000 Staples)

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Our plastic staple is a polyurethane T-end fastener specifically designed to be used in the ST9500 machine. The Ecotach™ Plastic Staple (15025-0) is made from a proprietary polyurethane material specifically designed to degrade* at an accelerated rate of 11.91% over 45 days in landfill conditions. The technology used results in no microplastics* so that when this staple completely degrades, all that is left is carbon dioxide, water, and microbes (biomass). Comparatively speaking, a typical thermoplastic polyurethane fastener would degrade ~0% over the same time frame and take anywhere from 20 -30 years to break down, depending on environmental conditions. Once the Ecotach Plastic Staple is placed into a landfill, naturally occurring bacteria in that environment breaks the fastener down without leaving behind microplastics or any other harmful substances.* These products are shelf-stable and will not begin to degrade unless put into the designated end-of-life waste stream.

Avery Dennison Clear Plastic Staples (100M)
Size: 1/2" (13mm)
Color: Clear
Qty./Reel: 25,000
Qty./Case: 100,000
For: Avery Dennison Plastic Staple ST9500 Fastener System


Avery Dennison Plastic Staple ST9500 Fastener System
Filament Length:
0.50" (13mm)
Tensile Strength:
2.2 lbf / 1.0 kgf
ST9500 Plastic Staple System