Avery Dennison ST9500 Plastic Staple Fastener System

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15000-1, 15000-2
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Avery Dennison Plastic Staple Fastener System

An industry standard, the Avery Dennison Plastic Staple Fastener System was first introduced many years ago as a model of innovation and quality. Now, after years devoted to further perfecting the technology, we take our innovation to the next level with the Plastic Staple ST9500 Fastener System. Speed and application flexibility, alongside significant cost efficiencies, make this system a must for manufacturers looking to respond to the needs of retailers and customers. This attaching tool is simple to load and easily adapted to a wide range of applications and fabrics. The ST9500 is designed to be low maintenance, while providing fast, consistent ticketing with fewer work delays. This system is much easier to use than needle-and-thread systems and it automatically feeds fasteners through dual needles, from a continuous reel of thousands of fasteners. The ST9500 incorporates a high-quality motor and long-lasting needles, making service requirements minimal. This machine offers:

  • Cycle programmability (1,2,3…10, or continuous)
  • Smart machine technology
  • Power converter permits use in 120v or 220v
  • Variable actuation speed adjustment 
  • Variable needle spacing (Range 6.5mm – 12.5mm)
  • No clutch or solenoid
  • No-adjust feed system

Extra strong fasteners and variable needle spacing capabilities make the ST9500 perfect for tagging dense materials and performing popular applications like denim whiskering. Even dog leashes are no problem. Plus, its fasteners can be molded in any color, to match any application.

Click here to download the ST9500 brochure and spec sheet.