Bostitch Premium Plier Staples, 5000 Count, 1/4-Inch

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SP19 1/4
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SP19 1/4
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The SP191/4 Premium Staples are meticulously engineered to excel in Bostitch plier staplers, ensuring peak performance. Crafted from the renowned Bostitch B8 staples, these staples are optimized for superior drive performance. Bostitch engineers took into account the physical dynamics of staple driving, leading to the development of the distinctive PowerCrown feature. During the staple drive, the crowned (peaked) staple top flattens, compelling the staple legs outward for enhanced support by the stapler magazine throughout the drive. This results in increased stapling force and minimized buckling, ensuring maximum penetration. Constructed from high-quality high carbon wire, these staples are designed to minimize buckling and jamming. The finely honed chisel points ensure maximum penetration for handling maximum sheet capacity. Each box contains 5,000 staples.


1/4 Inch