Dalo T-Stock Textile Marker, Yellow

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Known for its ultra high capacity, the Dalo "T" Stock Textile marker provides a bright, sharp, rapid drying permanent mark on synthetic and synthetic/cotton blended fabrics.  The non-collapsible tube is rugged - every drop of ink is used - there is no waste. Markings will stay permanently brilliant and legible.

"T" series is specially designed for resisting the dyeing procedures on polyester, other synthetics, and blends.

  • Clear, sharp on marks of greige goods.
  • Bright, sharp, rapid drying markings on all fabrics - cotton, wool, silk, all synthetics.
  • Smooth gliding, lint repelling writing tips.
  • Choose from time-tested ink formulations.
  • Inks resist all modern textile processes - dyeing, washing, finishing, bleaching, scouring, boil-off, fulling.
  • Ball tip releases ink as marker tip is pressed against fabric. Whe the marker is raised, the ball provides an air tight seal so that ink does not dry out during periods of non-use.