Eastman Cardinal 5-1/4 Inch Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

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Eastman's 548 Cardinal is the standard by which all round knife cutting machines are measured. The most popular standard round knife cutter in production today, with a myriad of blade sizes, motor and standard configurations, the Eastman 548 is in most industry cutting rooms. One of our best selling round knife cloth cutting machines for years.

Cardinal Series Round Knives Feature:

  • Baseplates and rollers provide a solid, stable platform and smooth rolling, vibration free cutting.
  • A narrow silhouette standard eliminates cutting distortions and allows exact cutting of all types of material.
  • While hard wearing carbon steel blades are standard, any Cardinal can be equipped with optional high speed steel blades for cutting large lays of heavy, dense materials or whenever extra blade life is desired. Grooved and PTFE coated blades are also available to reduce blade heat and eliminate fusing problems.
  • Eastman's Round Knife Sharpening System utilizes specially designed sharpening stones to create a perfect bevel edge on the blade. The advantage of the double bevel is that it eliminates the need for a shear plate to support the machine's cutting action. And with three grits of sharpening stones available, Eastman Cardinals can be adjusted so that the ease and accuracy of cutting is improved and sharpening frequency can actually be reduced.
    • 120 Grit, Heavy: best for dense materials, denims and canvas.
    • 150 Grit, Medium: good when a large variety of fabric types are to be cut.
    • 220 Grit, Fine: for shear, loosely woven materials.
  • Ergonomic placement of the controls allows the operator to activate the power switch and feather touch sharpener with the same hand, ensuring continuous, accurate and clean cuts.


5-1/4 Inch