Eastman Magnum Punch Perforator (Eastman MP2)

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When preparing a marker for repeated use, it is first plotted onto pattern paper or plastic for durability, then transferred to the top layer of fabric on the lay as a guide for cutting out the patterns. 

One method for copying the marker onto the spread involves punching the marker along pattern lines, positioning the marker on the lay, then "blotting" the marker with pattern powder. When the marker is lifted, it has been transferred to the lay as a series of dots. 

The Magnum/Model MP2 is a solid state puncher designed to cut through four clean holes (2.54cm) per inch up to five thicknesses of paper. The punching strength is easily adjustable to accommodate various needs and a single switch allows the operator to free-wheel without punching, single punch or follow the pattern punching. 

Three punch sizes are available. Comes standard with 1/16" punch. 110 volt, 60 cycle. A special underlay pad is also available to prolong the sharpness of each punching head and provide the operator with the correct "feel" for accurate tracing of the marker.