Feedrail 10' Feed-in Straight Track without Door - 4 Pole, 60 Amp

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FM203, FM303, FM403
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A Feed-in track section is supplied with a Feed-in Box built in, through which electrical connections to the power supply can be made. Box has concentric knockouts for 3/4", 1' or 1-1/4" conduit on top. Plates on both sides allow access to pressure type terminals which accomodate No. 14 to No. 4 stranded wire. Feed Track Sections can be provided with or without doors.

Sections complete with Bus Bars. Bus Bar Connectors (shown) are supplied with Coupling Set FX102.

Continuous rating: 60 Amperes
Intermittent Rating: 90 Amperes (1 minute off, 1 minute on)

Note: 10 feet is standard length. Shorter lengths furnished on special order.

Item: FM and FX Series (multi-conductor trolley service) - feed-in track (without door)
For: FM and FX Series (Multi-Conductor Trolley Service)
Amps: 60
Volts: 600
Poles: 4
Length: 10'


FM & FX Multi-Conductor Trolley Series