Feedrail 10' Plain Straight Track with Door - 5 Pole, 60 Amp

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FX501, W22582D
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Door track sections are identical to plain track except for the addition of two hinged doors in the bottom for the insertion and removal of trolleys. When closed, the doors are securely locked and accurately aligned witht he rest of the track to form an ininterrupted runway for the trolleys. Hinged doors are easy to open or close. No tools are required. Pressing pins together against spring pressure releases locking bolts. Door openings are polarized so trolleys cannot be inserted in improper polarity. 

Sections complete with Bus Bars. Bus Bar Connectors (shown) are supplied with Coupling Set FX102.

Continuous rating: 60 Amperes
Intermittent Rating: 90 Amperes (1 minute off, 1 minute on)

Note: 10 feet is standard length. Shorter lengths furnished on special order.

Item: FM and FX Series (multi-conductor trolley service) - door track
For: FM and FX Series (Multi-Conductor Trolley Service)
Amps: 60
Volts: 300
Poles: 5
Length: 10'