Feedrail 100 Ampere Special Service Trolley - 3 Pole, 100 Amp

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FR65, FR75, W05893B
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For use on straight track only without transfer gaps.

Typical of Feedrail's advanced engineering design, this single unit trolley combines all the essential features of the standard trolley series with the special requirements of high power full rated take-off. It is ideal for heavy tonnage travelling cranes, hoists and similar equipment.

These trolleys differ in construction details from the general trolley description in that the contact assembly consists of three substantially proportioned mechanically strong arc-resisting blocks on which silver tungsten brush contacts, one per pole, are mounted and kept in continuous contact with the bus bars by individual compression springs. Solderless type pressure connectors are within a heavy gauge sheet steel terminal box. A cable clamp is provided as a pulling bracket with chain linkage to make the positive attachment to the equipment being powered.

Item: 100 ampere special service trolley
For: FR100 Series (Feedrail "100")
Amps: 100 (Maximum under non-inductive loads.)
Poles: 3
Volts: 600 Volt A.C., 250 Volt D.C.
Volts: 220 VAC: 30 HP
Volts: 440 VAC: 60 HP
Volts: 550 VAC: 76 HP


FR100 Series Trolley Service
600 Volt A.C., 250 Volt D.C., 220 VAC: 30 HP, 440 VAC: 60 HP, 550 VAC: 76 HP