Feedrail FH Series Heavy Duty 10' Expansion Track, 3 Pole, 225 Amp

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Expansion Track sections are for use where it is necessary to compensate for the difference in total expansion or contraction between steel track housings and copper bus bars. They must be used on installations across building or structural expansion joint.

At least one Expansion Track section should be installed in each 400 ft. of track run. Additional Expansion Track sections may be required if the installation is subjected to a wide range of temperature changes.

The standard 10' Building Expnasion track section is designed to provide 2" of expansion and 2" of contraction of the steel housing above and below the normal 10' length at 72°F). If the temperature at the time of installation is other than 75°, due comensation must be made according to the chart below. The bus bars and track housing in this section telescope to provide a continuous surface for trolley contacts and the ball bearing support wheels of the trolley. Enclosed flexible jumpers connect the bus bars and maintain full current carrying capacity across the joints.

Length Settings for Standard 10' Expansion Track

Installation Temperature Distance in feet *
100°F 9' 11-13/16" 9' 11-5/8" 9' 11-1/4"
75°F 10' 10' 10'
50°F 10' 3/16" 10' 3/8" 10' 3/4"
25°F 10' 3/8" 10' 3/4" 10' 1-1/2"
For other temperatures, consult technical service group.
* Distance represents:
(1) Footage between expansion track sections on installation having more than one expansion track section.
(2) Overall length of run on installation having only one expansion track section.

Continuous Rating: 175 Amperes or 225 Amperes - 600 volts A.C., 250 volts D.C.
Intermittent rating: (1 minute off, 1 minute on) 250 Amperes or 300 Amperes - 600 volts A.C., 250 volts D.C.

Sections complete with Bus Bars.

10 feet is standard length. Shorter lengths furnished on special order. 

Item: HD 10' Expansion Track
For: FH Series (Feedrail® HD)
Amps: 225
Poles: 3
Length: 10'

Note: Sections complete with Bus Bars.


FH Trolley Series
Sections complete with Bus Bars.