Feedrail FH Series Heavy Duty Trolley for FH22500 Track, 3 Pole, 225 Amp

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FH22525, W22849
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The same efficient engineering and clean-cut construction which is a hallmark of the entire Feedrail system is evident in the internally track supported Heavy Duty trolleys.

The chassis of these trolleys is of one piece heavy gauge steel. It is equipped with heavy duty enclosed ball-bearing wheels for support; horizontally mounted ball-bearing guide wheels running in the slot of the track to prevent slewing; and ball-bearing wheels on pivoted arms of the undercarriage to prevent upthrust. This wheel combination assures smooth, easy running trolleys.

The insulator-contact assembly consists of a substantially proportioned mechanically strong arc-resisting insulator block on which the contact brushes are mounted and held in true alignment. Spring keep the brushes in continuous firm contact with the bus bars. The insulator-contact assembly is fastened by machine screws and can be removed as a unit.

Specially designed heavy duty silver alloy brush type contacts assure full current carrying capacity. Brushes are individually spring loaded and maintain full contact pressure and alignment with the bus bars at all times.

A heavy gauge sheet steel terminal box with removabe side cover is supported by the trolley chassis. This box serves to enclose the solderless type pressure connectors which are used to make cable connections to the trolley.

Lugs take either aluminum or copper cables. Heavy duty cable grips prevent strain on the terminals.

Trolleys are designed for operation at speeds up to 500 feet per minute. A bracket and chain linkage is provied for connecting the trolleys to the powered equipment. Chains are factory adjusted for correct propelling of the trolley in the track run.

Item: HD Trolley 3 Pole 225 Amp
For: FH Series (Feedrail(R) HD)
Amps: 225
Poles: 3

Note: For use with FH22500 Track


FH Trolley Series
For use with FH22500 Track.