Feedrail FM & FX Series Non-fusible Standard Type Trolley without Cabinet (with Bracket and Chains) - 5 Pole, 30 Amp

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M10, M10A, M11, M11A, M60, M60A, M61, M61A, U14410H
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The same efficient engineering and cleanout consturction which is a hallmark of the entire Feedrail system is evident in the internally track supported "Multi-Conductor" trolleys.

The chassis of these trolleys is of one-piece heavy gauge steel. It is equipped with heavy duty ball-bearing wheels for support; horizontally mounted ball-bearings guide wheels running in the slot of the track to prevent slewing; and ball-bearing wheels on pivoted arms of the undercarriage to prevent upthrust. This wheel combination assures smooth, easy running trolleys.

A polarizing tab is on the chassis. This, operating in conjunction with a stop at the door track opening, prevents insertion of the trolleys in improper polarity. A bumper is attached to each end of the chassis.

The insulator-contact assembly consists of a substancially proportioned mechanically strong arc-resisting insulator block on which the contact brushes are mounted and held in true alignment. Spring keep the brushes in continuous firm contact with the bus bars. The insulator-contat assembly is fastened to the chassis by machine screws and can be removed as a unit.

Feedrail "Multi-Conductor" trolleys are furnished with Copper Graphite Brush Contacts for movement up to 250 feet per minute and on all track runs, including curved track sections. Trolleys have crimp type connectors. A cable clamp is provided. Trolleys are available with or without pulling bracket and chain linkage. Equipment ground is provided on al trolleys. Standard trolleys are available in fusible and non-fusible types; transfer trolleys are of no-fusible type, eiher single or duplex. Transfer type trolleys are especially designed to facilitate crossing of gaps between crane bridges and spur runs or between slide switch sections and the main run. Where motor propelled hoists are used on runs which include transfer points, duplex type transfer trolleys must be used to insure continuous current while crossing the transfer points.

For rate of travel conditions other than below, consult technical service group.

Current Carrying Capacity:
Continuous current reating 15 and 30 Amperes
600 Volts A.C. or 250 Volts D.C. No Fusible, 2,3 or 4 pole
600 Volts A.C. or 250 Volts D.C. Fusible, 2, 3 or 4 pole
300 Volts A.C. or D.C. Non Fusible, 4 or 5 pole
250 Volts A.C. or D.C. Fusible, 4 or 5 Pole

Note: Amperage is for continuous load. Trolley contacts should not be used to make or break power to electrical load.
Note: Fusible Trolleys take 13/16" x 5" Cartidge Type Fuses. (Fuses not included)

Item: Non-fusible standard type trolley w/o cabinet (with bracket and chains)
For: FM and FX Series (Multi-Conductor Trolley Service)
Poles: 5


FM & FX Multi-Conductor Trolley Series