Every part available for Eastman Chickadee models D2 and D2H is shown below, along with each part’s corrosponding style number. If we carry the part, you’ll be able to click the style number to open the product detail page in a new browser tab and add the item to your cart or list. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact our sales department.  

120V Cord Assembly Hex Nut Brush Cap Brush with Spring Hex Nut Housing with Switch Lever 120V Circuit Board 230V Circuit Board Switch for Model D2 Toggle Switch for Model D2H Sharpener Button Sharpener Button Spring Sharpener Button Bushing Magnet Assembly Armature Assembly Armature Assembly Front Half O-Ring Back Half O-Ring Knife Gear 120V Armature 230V Armature Worm Gear Armature Pin Front Bearing Rear Bearing Fillister Head Screw Fillister Head Screw Brush Cap Brush with Spring Emery Wheel Hex Nut Pressure Foot Gear Retaining Plate Shear Tip Ball Fillister Head Screw Flat Head Screw Binding Head Screw Socket Head Screw Shear Plate with Carbide Blade Round Blade Hexagonal Blade Knife Flange Washer Knife Cover Flange Round Head Screw Fillister Head Screw Spring Guide Washer Spring Fillister Head Screw 120V Cord Round Head Screw Cord Clamp, Model D2 Cord Clamp, Model D2H Cord Sleeve 220V Cord Assembly Lever Switch Plate, 120 Plate, 230 Fillister Head Screw Fillister Head Screw Pan Head Screw Wicking Felt Fan with Bearing Round Head Screw Base Switch Clip Switch Lug Caution Plate Plastic Handle Grip Handle Washer Handle Sleeve Pan Head Screw Plug, 120V Male Plug, 120V Female 24-inch Handle 30-inch Handle 40-inch Handle