Hercules 5-Speed Electric Rotary Multi-Layer Cutting Machine, 4 Inch, Cordless (Hercules RK-BAT-100)

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The RK-BAT-100, powered by a 17V lithium-ion battery, effortlessly cuts materials from light cloth to denim and leather. A second battery ensures continuous operation. Its brushless servo motor offers adjustable speeds for precise control, complemented by a built-in sharpening stone for optimal blade performance. With an ultra-bright LED light, it illuminates cutting paths for accuracy, while its 4 inch octagonal blade effortlessly glides through everything from linen to heavy fabrics, while the carbide-tipped lower blade prevents fabric jamming. The lightweight, die-cast design enhances maneuverability.


At a Glance:

  • 5-speed cordless, rechargeable, electric rotary cloth cutting machine that cuts leather & multiple layers of fabric and cloth.
  • 4 inch high-speed octagonal blade with built-in sharpening stone. Rechargeable and cordless.
  • The octagonal blade and carbide-tipped, spring loaded lower blade prevents the fabric from jamming.
  • Best used for light to medium weight cloth and fabrics, woven or loosely knit fabric.
  • Cuts cotton, silk, synthetic fiber, leather and other materials, fabrics and cloth.


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