Hidden Glow 999 Disappearing Chalk, Slow, 36 Pieces

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999 SLOW
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999 SLOW
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The chemicals formulated in this chalk are of a volatile nature, which means that its markings will eventually vaporize and permanently leave the fabric. The time required for the vaporization is effected by one or several variables such as the following: 1) Chemical composition. There are 2 formulas, of which the "slo" disappearing chalk has the longer evaporation rate; 2) Atmospheric conditions. Heat and humidity accelerate the vaporization rate, while cool, dry atmosphere retards the rate; 3) Different marks. Vaporization begins at the outer edges (of a drawn line) and works inward towards the center of the mark. Therefore, it follows that a thicker mark will take longer to vaporize than a thinner one of the same length. Used in any textile or apparel marking system which requires the complete removal of the marks, such as face marking, dart marking, cutting and alterations. Size is 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 7/32". Plain finish individual pieces with plastic holders. Thirty-six pieces per box and 24 boxes per carton.

Note: #999 Disappearing Chalk is being used to mark nearly every variety of natural and synthetic fabric. However, it was developed and intended for use on all wool gabardines. Therefore, we recommend thorough testing of it on the fabric to be used.


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