Oui Chef 8 Inch Kitchen Utility Shears with Sure-Grip Handles, Black & White

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Oui Chef
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Introducing the Oui Chef kitchen scissors, a versatile tool designed to streamline various culinary tasks. From effortlessly cutting through meat and poultry bones to descaling fish, chopping vegetables, slicing pizza, and more, these scissors eliminate the need for multiple utensils. Not limited to the kitchen, they also function as a nutcracker, bottle opener, and scale scraper, boasting a micro-serrated edge for precise and secure cutting. Crafted from durable 3CR14 steel, these heavy-duty scissors are resistant to rust and corrosion while maintaining exceptional sharpness. Their ergonomic non-slip handles ensure a secure and comfortable grip for both right and left-handed users, reducing strain and minimizing the risk of accidents. The environmentally friendly material handle is not only stylish and anti-skid but also embedded with stainless steel for added durability and safety. With their red and black design, these 8" long shears feature a cutting length of 3-1/4", making them indispensable for simplifying and accelerating food preparation tasks.

Also available with black and red handles.


At a Glance:

  • Versatile kitchen scissors designed for a multitude of tasks
  • Cuts meat, poultry bones, descales fish, chops vegetables, slices pizza, and more
  • Eliminates the need for multiple tools; functions as a nutcracker, bottle opener, and scale scraper
  • Features a micro-serrated edge for slip-proof cutting
  • Rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • Non-slip handles provide a safe and comfortable grip for both right and left-handed users
  • Stylish, anti-skid, and comfortable environmentally friendly material handle
  • Makes food preparation easier and faster
  • 8" long with a cutting length of 3-1/4"
  • Red and black handle design


Cut Length:
3-1/4 Inch
8 Inch