Scotch-Brite Ultra-Fine Reinforced Wheel, 4S (Gray)

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For needle trades, shoe industry and knitting mills. Deburr and buff machine parts in one step. Scotch-Brite Reinforced Wheels are made of a tough synthetic non-woven web uniformly impregnated to the core with mineral grain. These wheels eliminate grinding wheel undercutting and messy compounds. They provide a clean, dry operation while producing a controlled cut. Type 4A is a very fine aluminum oxide wheel for the deburring and buffing of knitting and sewing machine parts such as hooks, feeds, plates, etc. Type 4S is an ultra fine silicone carbide wheel for extra delicate deburring and buffing of needles, knitting parts, loopers, guides, etc. Wheels have 1" center holes and are furnished with bushings for 1/2" arbors.

Type: 4S (Gray)
Diameter: 6"
Face Width: 1"
Bore: 1/2" & 1"