Sew Mighty "Mighty Mini" Portable Sewing Machine with Starter Sewing Kit

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Sew Mighty
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Introducing the Sew Mighty "Mighty Mini" Portable Sewing Machine: a compact powerhouse crafted to cater to all your sewing needs efficiently and conveniently. Whether you're a novice stepping into the realm of stitching, an experienced seamstress in search of a portable companion, or a youngster learning the art of sewing, this two-speed marvel promises unmatched versatility. Boasting features such as an automatic bobbin winder, built-in work light, and adjustable thread tension, the Mighty Mini ensures seamless sewing for a variety of household projects and swift repairs, making it an excellent option for college students. Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for on-the-go stitching, effortlessly fitting into a shoulder bag for crafting sessions wherever inspiration strikes. With the flexibility to be powered by either standard 110V AC or four AA batteries, this machine adapts to your preferred sewing setup. Everything you need, from pre-wound bobbins to a foot control pedal and replacement needle, is neatly bundled in the package, ensuring you can dive into your creative endeavors right away. Discover the power of sewing innovation with the Sew Mighty "Mighty Mini" Portable Sewing Machine. Includes beginner's sewing kit.


At a Glance

  • Compact powerhouse for all sewing needs
  • Ideal for novices, experienced sewers, and youngsters
  • Two-speed marvel for unmatched versatility
  • Features automatic bobbin winder and built-in work light
  • Adjustable thread tension for seamless sewing
  • Lightweight construction for on-the-go stitching
  • Can be powered by standard 110V AC or four AA batteries
  • Includes pre-wound bobbins, foot control pedal, and replacement needle
  • Perfect for college students and crafting sessions
  • Comes with beginner's sewing kit